Competition law

Competition law served as a forefather of European integrations and has been supported with draconian fines that can amount up to 10% of the turnover of the entity in breach, realised during the last business year.

The BMWC team is constantly available to assist you in discussing your competition law challenges. We are able to advise on specific issues, designing relations with your partners, as well as on the execution of such overall strategies.

Our Competition team is not only one of the biggest in the market, but has been involved in the most delicate competition investigations and litigations over the last 10 years. Keeping in mind our substantial experience, we are up-to-date with market conditions in many industry sectors.

Finally, the BMWC team offers a blend of personnel consisting of previous case leaders, internationally qualified lawyers, and dedicated experts for e-commerce and new competition law "environments". Our expertise covers, inter alia, the following fields:

  • Cartel investigations and dawn-raid assistance in cartel, but also vertical and abuse of dominance cases
  • Market researches
  • In domestic and cross-border cases of merger and acquisitions, national and European merger control
  • Abuse of a dominant market position representing undertakings in a dominant position, as well as undertakings who wish to file a complaint to the authority
  • Horizontal and vertical arrangements
  • Private enforcement
  • State aid and subsidies
  • Competition compliance