Real estate investments

Since Croatia is an interesting touristic destination and a EU member state, the real estate sector is attracting a lot of investments from both private and business investors. First of all, the whole Croatian coast and especially bigger cities like Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar are always offering interesting investment opportunities in the real estate sector.

Furthermore, Istria and especially Rovinj - as one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia - are also interesting for investments, not only for domestic, but especially for foreign investors. The city of Zagreb, on the other hand, has blossomed over the years and is one of the top destinations to visit and to invest in. Also, taking into consideration the fact that it is a capital city, the price of real estate can only grow. Therefore, due to the variety of Croatia and its regions there are always ongoing real estate projects which reflect the overall economy of the country.

In this respect, our highly experienced lawyers may assist you in any investment you may have in Croatia, be that a private investment of buying a house or apartment on the seaside, or the acquisition of a land plot on which to build a production plant or a boutique hotel. With our assistance your risk is minimized and the whole complicated sales process, which is finished with the ownership registration, will be structured by our experienced lawyers so that you can focus on other business related matters.