Security services

Private and technical security of persons and property has become a more and more important focus of all subjects on the market. Furthermore, nowadays each EU country faces risks which are related to terrorism and the challenges which it brings. Therefore, this sector is constantly bringing new solutions to the market and is strongly connected with a lot of other sectors e.g. banking, real estate, production, transportation, and many others.

As personnel providing security services have some authorisations which are under supervision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there are several licences which have to be obtained prior to conducting security services. Our lawyers have significant know-how and experience in this field and we are able to provide our clients with high-level legal advice in respect to the following:

  • obtaining licences required for conducting security services
  • drafting internal rules and regulations which are mandatory according to the Croatian law
  • assisting and advising companies who provide security services in public tenders
  • preparation of agreements with customers in both private and technical protection
  • assisting clients in case of inspections and representation in case of misdemeanour proceedings