It is not surprising that Croatia has become a touristic giant in the Mediterranean. With more than 1000 islands and a long coastline on the Adriatic Sea, the Croatian tourism sector is growing at an impressive rate.

Croatia’s FDI primarily relates to this sector, with not only investments relating to hotels and other touristic capacities, but also housing and commercial developments of entire micro-regions. However, a plethora of national and local regulations are a hurdle that can scare off even the bravest investors.

Our team of experienced lawyers and experts in the areas of tourism and hospitality law (including real estate law, regulatory requirements, commercial law, employment and environment law) can help businesses to overcome legal challenges and trifles and focus on their field of expertise. On the road to success we can help you to:

  • assess whether tourism services are provided (regulatory notifications) and whether it requires permanent establishment in Croatia
  • establish appropriate vehicle’s legal form
  • incorporate and obtain licences for hotels, camps, travel agencies, Internet based tourism businesses
  • accomplish all mandatory and regulatory compliance requirements
  • guide you from the start, and be involved in tourism zone planning
  • envisage all required agreements, and obtaining all required approvals for your business
  • cover and regulate charter and nautical services
  • incorporate and manage music and film festivals
  • take care of all health, safety and security issues
  • establish franchise business
  • sub-licence your touristic and hospitality brand and business
  • create programmes for securing enough work capacity (domestic and from abroad)
  • touristic advertising